Success Through Business Etiquette

Let Champions School of Real Estate Prepare you to Stay Competitive in the Modern Business World

Rita Santamaria has always known the key to success is good manners. A professional in any industry is identified by the good business practices they demonstrate every day. Champions School of Real Estate® has a dynamic, in-depth, 2 day classroom or online Business Etiquette course that will teach the professional in any field how to:

  • Dine with good manners
  • Introduce others and yourself with confidence
  • Organize your work and personal life with priorities and less stress
  • Understand how to set goals, implement and be accountable to yourself
  • Be tuned in to different personalities so you learn to parallel your customer in speech and body language; this will make the initial meeting of a customer and yourself less stressful.
  • Understand and interpret body language
  • Motivate yourself and stay positive
  • Keys to being a successful professional

All career paths from Human Resource personnel to ministers, culturally diverse people who want to become more westernized, sales persons, young adults ready for their first job, all of these are people you will see in this course.