About Rita Santamaria

Rita Santamaria became an entrepreneur when she started her career in real estate sales in Plano, Texas in the late 1970's and then moved to Houston and put her adult education and real estate career together to open Champions School of Real Estate in 1983.

Champions School of Real Estate® is widely recognized as the largest Real Estate school in Texas and many would agree, the largest in the United States. Rita Santamaria prides her staff and teachers for carrying on her tradition from years past as customer service and quality education being the cornerstones of her business successes.

Rita has grown Champions School of Real Estate by building brick and mortar campuses in Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, San Antonio and On-line Campuses. Champions School of Real Estate offers Qualifying Education (QE) and Continuing Education (CE) in Real Estate, Loan Originator, Appraiser and Professional Home Inspector professions. Our courses are taught by subject matter experts and each of these career path options have a prep course to help the student pass their national and state exams. We try to take the fear out of testing and we hear from our students that we succeed in that goal.

With a love for real estate and a degree in Education from Florida State University, Rita Santamaria understood the process of developing the curriculum for those desiring a career in real estate. The curriculum is always current and focused on the areas of most importance for the student. Rita Santamaria and Champions School of Real Estate have received many national and state awards for being a driving force in award winning curriculum and customer service based company.

Every entrepreneur knows it is not about the person it is about the people they serve. Each student at Champions receives the greatest care and attention from career counselors. The classroom instructors are as readily available to answer questions as the on-line instructor who handles our distance learners. We know the extra amenities we provide demonstrate what we state. Those amenities being a warm, clean, attractive building and classrooms with art and paintings on the walls and chandeliers in the common hallways. Internet bar and charging stations for the customer's convenience. Free coffee every day and evening and often free continental breakfast for our students. It's a feeling we want our customers to have when they walk in the door that “it's all about you”. Our customer testimonials verify that feeling every day.

Rita has written many of the textbooks and our technical department keeps them researched and state of the art current. Our reputation resides on accurate information. We believe our textbooks are a major part of our success. Our students truly enjoy reading the material.

The popular national book Rita Santamaria has written along with a coaching video is 30 Days to Success in Real Estate. This is a jump start, fast track 30 day plan to understanding what to do in your new career. The newly licensed student or agent needing a boost to the next level can see the track to success from the first day they are licensed. Each day is another lesson on what to do for reaching buyers and sellers. It is a proven plan!

Rita has received many awards and accolades and as a mother and now grandmother, she will tell you her true success is doing both. The career she has a passion for and a wonderful family that she has been blessed with. Yes, you can have it all. It's giving each your very best, every day.